Why choosE AZ locksmith Training

Our Training Value

When you come to ACME Locksmith for Locksmith training, the first thing you'll notice is that you're learning in a functioning lock shop. That's our shop there in the picture. This is not a classroom environment with a set powerpoint and speeches. This is real world locksmithing.


You'll work in one of our shops, along side a senior locksmith, on real customer hardware, solving real customer problems. There's no better way to learn a skill.

  • On the job locksmith skills training

  • 1:1 hands-on with professional locksmith.

  • Learn working on real customer locks, keys, and issues

  • The only locksmith training to offer marketing skills for businesses

  • Flexible schedules to fit your needs. Since all training is 1 on 1, we can accomodiate and shift times to meet your schedule.

  • Tools needed are provided at no charge when applicable.

About ACME Locksmith

Arizona locksmith training is performed by trained locksmiths at ACME Locksmith. ACME is an Arizona Locksmith company that has serviced over 160,000 AZ homes and businesses. ACME operates out of 4 locations in the Phoenix area and has been in service since 1997. They are one of the most successful and largest lockmsith companies in the Phoenix, Arizona area.