How Much Locksmiths Make


What You Earn as a Locksmith Depends on You

Locksmith Salary

The chart above shows the national average salary for a trained locksmith (from Several factors will determine where you fall within the salary range.

If you're working for a company that pays a straight hourly salary.

Starting apprentices will most earn $30,000 or less per year (depending on region). In Phoenix, an apprentice will most likely be earning around $22,000 per year, but that will quickly rise as you gain knowledge and skill. A seasoned technician, at the top of the trade, can certainly earn over $50,000 per year in the Phoenix area (I know, I employ a few). Upon completing our Arizona Locksmith Training Course you will have the base knowledge necessary to be a productive locksmith in the areas for which we've trained you. This means you're on the far left (or even off) the payscale. It will be a year or two before moving into the mid-range.

If you're working for a company that pays commission, or a hybrid salary/commission.

Your pay will depend primarily on how well you perform (how many jobs you can do in a day) and your skill level. Harder jobs that require more skill, charge higher rates, and will make you more money as your career progresses. Commission based pay is ideal for those that learn fast, work fast, and perform quality work as it allows you to quickly get to the mid-point of the salary range.

Going it on your own as a mobile service.

This option is most attractive for those wishing to rake it in. I recommend this only after several years of training though. You will want a wide base of knowledge to supoport your customers and it carries the most risk if calls aren't coming in. Here, what you make solely depends on your skills, marketing expertise, and performance. Below is a chart showing the Nataional Average Locksmith Charges for common services. If you go it alone, this is your guide.

Locksmith Rates
Salaries also fluctuate based on location.

A technician in California will make more than one in Wyoming, etc….