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Locksmith Training Cost List

ACME Locksmith offers low-cost skills training. Pay only for the locksmith skills you feel you need to accomplish your goals. We accept all major credit cards.

Application Fee: $150
Required for All Categories Except Realtor / Maintenance Course

Locksmiths are trusted to protect homes and businesses. We will NOT train anyone that uses drugs or has a criminal history. The application fee covers the expense of conducting these checks and is non-refundable. Once your background checks have been passed, just pick a start date that works for you.

Classes can be accelerated to 8 hr days to reduce the number of days in training (the number of hours remains the same). There is an additional $150 charge if this is desired.

Realtor, Handyman, Maintenance Category: $699
  • 1-week training, 4 hours per day, M-F
  • Includes pinning kit
  • Other organizations charge over $1,500, up to 66% savings!
  • If you desire the optional unlock skills, the Application Fee is required
Basic Locksmith Automotive Skills Category:$725
  • 7-day training, 4 hours per day, M-F
Basic Locksmith Residential Lock Skills Category: $950
  • 2-week training, 4 hours per day, M-F
  • Includes pinning kit and pick set
Marketing Skills Category: $2999
  • 6-hour course
  • Only locksmith training center to offer marketing/sales training
  • Trained by the owner of ACME Locksmith, Phoenix's most successful locksmith marketeer
  • Possibly, the most valuable locksmith course you will ever take!