Course pricing

ACME Locksmith offers low-cost skills training. Pay only for the locksmith skills you feel you need to accomplish your goals.


Payment: We accept all major credit cards and Paypal Credit. Paypal Credit allows you to pay over 6 months with an approved Paypal account.

Application Fee: $165


Required for any course that teaches entry methods such as lock picking, key origination, etc...For our default courses, this includes the Residential Locksmith Training and the Automotive Locksmtih Training courses. It is not required for the Realtor Maintenance Course with its default training skills.


Locksmiths are trusted to protect homes and businesses. We will NOT train anyone that uses illegal drugs or has been convicted of any criminal activity - no matter how minor the infraction.  The application fee covers the expense of conducting these checks and is non-refundable. Once your background checks have been passed, just pick a start date that works for you.


Once the screenings have been completed, courses must be scheduled to begin within 30-days. If that is not done, a new application fee will need to be taken and new screenings will need to be performed.

Please note. Due to state restrictions course cannot be stacked or scheduled back to back.


Realtor, Handyman, Maintenance Course: $725


Other organizations charge over $1,500 for similar training. This is over a 50% savings!


If you desire the optional unlock skills, the Application Fee is required


Basic Locksmith Automotive Course: $825


Other organizations are charging $1,500+ for this course. This is a savings of nearly 50%


Basic Locksmith Residential Lock Skills Category: $950


Other organizations are charging nearly $3000 for this course. This is a savings of nearly 70%!


Includes pinning kit and pick set

Course Acceleration Fee $200 (Optional)


Classes can be accelerated to 8 hr days to reduce the number of days in training (the number of hours remains the same). There is an additional $200 charge if this is desired. Please note, for the automotive course this can restrict your exposure to the number of vehicles you program.