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Locksmith Course Descriptions

Locksmith School Course Description

ACME Locksmith offers four locksmith courses to cover every aspect of our industry. Since we teach 1:1, we offer a flexible 4-hr per day schedule to meet your needs. As soon as you complete your background checks, just pick a start date that works for you.

I. Realtor / Handyman / Maintenance Course: Residential Locks Only

Who Needs This Class? Realtors and maintenance staff looking for basic residential door hardware experience.

1 Week Course: 4 Hours per Day

Residential Repair Skills - No Application Fee for This Course
  • Rekeying deadbolts, levers, and knobs
  • Working of residential door hardware for repair
  • Swapping out door hardware
  • Drilling and/or replacing mailbox locks
Optional: Addition Skills That Would Require an Application Fee
  • Lock bumping
  • Lock picking
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II. Basic Locksmith Course: Fundamental locksmith skills

Who Needs This Class? Starting a career? This class gives you the skills necessary to get your start as locksmith. You will have an edge in gaining employment because you will be able to contribute to a company's earnines from the date of hire.

4 Week Course: 4 Hours per Day

  • Key cutting standard key
  • Key cutting laser key (duplication)
  • Key programming
  • Remote programming
  • Key origination standard key
  • Ignition repair (out of vehicle)
  • Ignition rekey (out of vehicle)
  • Training includes a pinning kit and set of lock pics
  • Rekeying deadbolts, levers, and knobs
  • Lock bumping
  • Lock picking
  • Lock repair
  • Lock bumping prevention
  • Electronic lock operation
  • Swapping out door hardware
  • Lock drilling (cam locks and residential locks)
  • Making keys by impressioning and by code
  • Change safe combination
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III. Advanced Locksmith Course: Advanced locksmith skills

Who Needs This Class? Is your current locksmith company not giving you the skills you need to advance your career? This class is for you. This training should open up new oportunites as you will be able to perfrom advanced locksmith tasks.

4 Week Course: 4 Hours per Day

  • Removing and repairing ignitions in a vehicle
  • Servicing dials
  • Replacing dials with electronic lock
  • Door frame and door prep for fresh installation
  • Mailbox lock drilling and replacement
  • Creating and pinning of master key systems
  • Surface mount door closer installation
  • Recessed door closer replacement
  • High security lock pinning and key cutting
  • Stand alone access control applications, installation and programming
  • Panic bar operation and replacement
  • Pinning of best cores
  • Drilling and replacment of best cores
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IV. Locksmith Marketing Skills:
  • The only locksmith school that teaches you how to get locksmith business!
  • Taught by Robert Vallelunga, Owner of Phoenix's ACME Locksmith and AZ's top Locksmith Marketeer
  • How to book a customer
  • How to design your locksmith website
  • The basics of search engine optimization
  • Effective locksmith advertising
  • Liability, protecting your business
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