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Locksmith Skills Category Descriptions

Locksmith School Course Description

ACME Locksmith offers four locksmith "courses" to cover various skills used by locksmiths. Since we teach 1:1, we offer a flexible 4-hr per day schedule to meet your needs. As soon as you complete your background checks, just pick a start date that works for you. Please note: We are not a school or vocational training center. Our focus is to simply teach you subset of locksmith skills in a functioning locksmith environment, until you're confident you know them.How you apply this knowledge is up to the individual.

I. Realtor / Handyman / Maintenance Category: Residential Locks Only

Who Needs These Skills? Realtors and maintenance staff looking for basic residential door hardware skills.

1 Week Course: 4 Hours per Day

Residential Repair Skills - No Application Fee for This Course
  • Rekeying deadbolts, levers, and knobs
  • Working of residential door hardware for repair
  • Swapping out door hardware
  • Drilling and/or replacing mailbox locks
Optional: Addition Skills That Would Require an Application Fee
  • Lock bumping
  • Lock picking
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II. Basic Locksmithing Category: Automotive Skills

Who Needs This? This category teaches you some of the basic skills used by automotive locksmiths.

7 Day Course: 4 Hours per Day

  • Key cutting standard key
  • Key cutting laser key (duplication)
  • Key programming
  • Remote programming
  • Key origination standard key
  • Ignition repair (out of vehicle)
  • Ignition rekey (out of vehicle)
  • Getting key cutting codes and cutting keys by codes
  • Discussion of automotive equipment and software

III. Basic Locksmithing Category: Residential Skills

Who Needs This? This category teaches you some of the basic residential skills used by locksmiths.

2 Week Course: 4 Hours per Day Residential:
  • Training includes a pinning kit and set of lock pics
  • Rekeying deadbolts, levers, and knobs
  • Lock bumping
  • Lock picking
  • Lock repair
  • Lock bumping prevention
  • Electronic lock operation
  • Swapping out door hardware
  • Lock drilling (cam locks and residential locks)
  • Making keys by impressioning and by code
  • Change safe combination
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IV. Locksmith Marketing Skills:
  • The only locksmith school that teaches you how to get locksmith business!
  • Taught by Robert Vallelunga, Owner of ACME Locksmith and AZ's top Locksmith Marketeer
  • How to book a customer
  • How to design your locksmith website
  • The basics of search engine optimization
  • Effective locksmith advertising
  • Liability, protecting your business
  • Only for those with years of experience in locksmithing.
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